Our Services & Expertise

1. English revision for peer-review: Have your manuscript edited by a native English speaker specializing in fisheries science, invasive species and marine biology and conservation. See Aylin Ulman’s publications on Research Gate for style:

Rates are US $0.03 per word for max. 5 day turnaround time or $0.05 for express 48 return time in under 48 hours. As the quality of received manuscripts is highly variable, some needing several revisions before acceptable for publication, a quote will be provided after an initial inspection of the manuscript.

2. Fisheries assessments: Data can be gathered on (but not limited to): length-weight, fishing catches by province, sector, CPUE, discards, socio-economic data.

3. Alien and invasive species:

  • Biofouling assessments for invasive species;
  • Fish: Lagocephalus sceleratus, Pterois miles, Fistularia comersonii, Siganidae;
  • Macroinvertebrates: Ascidians, Cnidarians, Crustaceans, Molluscs and Algae

4. General community: For species up to community level, we can provide sampling and/or assessments to provide baseline data such as presence/absence data or biomass data for fishes and macroinvertebrates. We can also target a particular species as needed for your research.

5. Shark and ray studies: We are currently beginning a platform in Turkey for the reporting of all sighting and collecting (parts) of samples when available. Let us know if you can also use this data for regional studies.

6. DNA analyses: Population genetic testing and family tree research.

7. Toxicity testing for venomous species.